PortaPhone TD-900HD - 900 MHz "All-in One" Coaches Headset System

The TD-900HD Dual Channel Series sets a new standard for high school, college and university coaching staffs that require an "Offense / Defense / Head Coach" talking pattern.  These heavy-duty headsets feature rugged components and thick padding, making them both durable and comfortable.

No Beltpacks or Base Station!  TD-900HD headsets are self-contained and do not require belt packs.  All electronics are installed inside the earcups.  There is no base station either, allowing the coaches the freedom to move seamlessly throughout the stadium.

Auto-Mute Mic Boom!  TD-900HD headsets automatically mute the microphone.  Coaches that are not speaking can mute their mic by simply flipping the mic boom upward, keeping the line of communication free from unwanted noise or chatter. 

The TD-900HD utilizes a digital wireless technology known as Spread-Spectrum Frequency Hopping.  This special operating spread transmission across the 902-928 MHz band instead of occupying a single channel.  The system automatically switches to the best frequencies when necessary to avoid interference.

The superior range provided by powerful 900 MHz digital radio signals also sets the TD-900HD apart from any other system on the market.  This means that when faced with overcoming the many challenges associated larger stadiums, the TD-900HD headsets will come through loud and clear!

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