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What our Clients Say

MV SportsCom and Boise State have been partners for the past 13 years.  During that time, they have provided unbelievable support each and every year.  They bring tremendous knowledge and expertise to RF and Gameday coms, giving us total confidence on gameday.  MV SportsCom offers solutions that are fiscally responsible, and have even talked us out of buying certain equipment because it wasn't needed.  They do things the right way.  They are passionate about their customers and ensure everything runs perfect on gameday, not only for us but for everyone!  They have always provided us with top notch customer service -  making us feel like we are their #1 VIP customer.

Andy Atkinson - Director of IT Systems, Athletics -  Boise State University

"MV SportsCom is how a business and customer support should work.  They are proactive with checking in on our needs each and every week. They provide top notch service that ensures our communications run properly.  Not everyone out there can do that or will do that. 100% the best communications group that I have ever dealt with in 15 years.

Jason Grooms - Assistant Athletic Director of Football - Vanderbilt University 


“We are more than happy to work with MV SportsCom, they take the worry out of our game day. They proactively seek out solutions to help us in virtually any situation that we have or may arise.  We continuously tell other schools about their customer service and attention to detail.”

Jeff Freymuth - University of Notre Dame

“MV SportsCom is extremely proactive in supporting our system. They always check in on game day, before and after the game.  The frequency coordination they provide has been superb. They have in-depth knowledge of all of the available systems on the market and make very good recommendations on how to change with the fluid landscape of RF technology.”

David Alford - Communications Engineer - North Carolina State University


“As a DFO with little sideline communication experience, the peace of mind of having MV SportsCom in my corner is extremely comforting. They have never once tried to up sell me into equipment we didn’t need nor have they ever treated me like just another customer. They have always provided guidance and solutions that are doable at any budget level.”

Drew Robinson - Director of Football - Western Michigan University

“The level of service provided by MV SportsCom has exceeded our high expectations.  Every issue we have had has been solved in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner.  MV SportsCom is more than a communications support company – they are friends of Colorado State Football, and have proven that time and time again.”

Tom Ehlers - Director of Football - Colorado State University

“When you are going to battle the last thing you need are excuses. MV SportsCom provides support without excuses.  It’s that simple and they are that good.”

John Crookston - Western Michigan University

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Our Company

Who are we?

MV SportsCom is one of just a few companies nationwide that provides its professional services and products to all levels of sports and sporting venues: from youth to professional teams.  During our 50 years in business, we have witnessed the many changes in the sports communication market and decided early on that our clients deserved choices. Therefore, we created a purpose based organization dedicated to education and providing solutions from multiple vendor partners—not just one.

This education based approach provides a comfort level to our clients that they are using the best solution for their needs, and not just what one manufacturer or dealer wants to sell them. Also, as technology changes, or school staff changes, we are able to help transition our clients while making best use of their existing gear.

MV SportsCom is dedicated to providing excellent customer service before, during and after our clients have made the decision to come on board as clients.  We simplify the process and spend the time necessary to ensure our clients are familiar with their gear.  This approach helps to eliminate unnecessary stress during set up or when issues arise.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve, and even if we don’t earn your business today or in the near future: we ask that you use us as a sounding board when researching your sports communication options.  It’s free and allows us to continue with our purpose based approach of education about the available options in sports communications.

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